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The AP Dilemma: Ride the Blount

I have read more crap about AP over the past 48 hours then any human being could possibly tolerate. I am psychotic. Of course when you spend a cool $1000 in one fantasy football league you are mentally ill. My ENTIRE season comes down to Blount, Moreno, Freeman, Jennings, Ochocinco, Witten, NE Def, and S […]

Some Week 13 Fantasy Winners/Losers

Some Week 13 Fantasy Winners Adrian Peterson – After what was, for Peterson, a bit of a down spell (just 233 combined yards and a touchdown in the last 3 weeks), his 108 yards and 3 touchdowns in Sunday’s victory over the Bills is a welcome return to form for his owners. Fantasy wise, Peterson dominated […]

Some Week 11 Winners/Losers

Some Week 11 Winners Greg Jennings – The fifth year wide receiver was the top-scoring RB/WR/TE this week, and grabbed 3 touchdowns in his 7 receptions for 152 yards. He caught the balls from another fantasy winner, Aaron Rodgers, who came back nicely from the bye. Since throwing 9 picks through his first 7 games, […]

The MJD – Jennings Recovery Wagon/ Mike Hart Who?

If you are the proud owner of Greg Jennings and MJD I have one word of advice…..RELAX! Not every player starts out gang busters. I know the sharks are circling looking to take them off your hands for the likes of Mark Clayton, Chad Ochocinco, and Ladanian Tomlinson. Be firm and don’t fall for the nega-fantasy-dom. […]

Don’t Shoot Your Load Before Week 1

We all want the perfect team. Get the best team possible to win the money- Obvious statement! The problem inherently lies in that we can “psych” ourselves out. For instance I spent the last 72 hours trying to trade one of my better players in Greg Jennings. I almost shot my load before the season […]

The Giant Steve Smith VS. The Niner Michael Crabtree

On the blogs that I read daily an interesting debate has cropped up. In a PPR league I feel that Steve Smith has an advantage over Michael Crabtree. In a TD only league there is a slight shift over to Crabtree. Steve Smith is a PPR machine. In 2009 he had 107 catches, 1220 yards, […]

Even Steven

I just pulled the trigger on another trade in my keeper league. This my followers was my most difficult trade yet. As I have professed to you on many occasions I am in love with Felix Jones. Jerry Jones keeps going back on his word. One week Jones is the #1 RB and the next […]


As Scott J Pachman so eloquently wrote “balls to the wall” is a good approach to have. At least you can tell yourself you left it all on the “fantasy field.” Where I differ with the self proclaimed expert is the way in which you execute this strategy. One must understand coaches and philosophies. Some […]