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Week 11 is a Sleeper

I don’t have much this week guys. I’m in a bit of a funk. Of my 5 leagues I only have a chance of the playoffs in 3. In my TD only league I’m 4-5-1, in my dynasty league I’m 6-4, and in my PPR league I’m 4-6. So I’m in a must win situation […]

Is Benson the Fantasy Savior?

So tremendous drama went down in one of my leagues today. A fantasy player tanked his season by trading MJD for Cedric Benson and junk. I thank sportsline by placing a tag line saying he is leading the NFL in rushing. It is only week 5. I guarantee by week 16 Benson will not still […]

Start The Claytons!!

So tomorrow is D DAY- fantasy football week 2. Is your team for real? or is it a fluke? In 24 hours we will know the answer. Here is a tip, start the Claytons! Michael Clayton is the #1 WR this week in TB. Yes, it is TB but Byron Leftwich has to throw the […]