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Offseason Fantasy Trade: Jeremy Maclin for Brandon Marshall

I may have quit my year round fantasy football league but I still hear the news. In a PPR league Jeremy Maclin was traded for Brandon Marshall. I never take “fantasy salary” into account when it comes to trades. So lets just analyze the players shall we? I was weary of Brandon Marshall this past season. I only […]

Have Faith in Mr Favre

In my TD only league I traded for Mr Favre. I had the unfortunate luck of having BOTH Stafford and Kolb in this league. I was lucky enough to have depth at RB with AP, Arian Foster, and Pierre Thomas. Since I’m unable to play 3 backs each week I made the difficult decision to […]

Don’t Shoot Your Load Before Week 1

We all want the perfect team. Get the best team possible to win the money- Obvious statement! The problem inherently lies in that we can “psych” ourselves out. For instance I spent the last 72 hours trying to trade one of my better players in Greg Jennings. I almost shot my load before the season […]

Even Steven

I just pulled the trigger on another trade in my keeper league. This my followers was my most difficult trade yet. As I have professed to you on many occasions I am in love with Felix Jones. Jerry Jones keeps going back on his word. One week Jones is the #1 RB and the next […]