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Crayton VS Holmes? Gimmee a break on a 1 week matchup

Sometimes fantasy sports bring feuds even amongst staff. Mr Scott J Pachman (one of our writers) believes that this week….YES BOYS….This week only that Holmes is a better play then Crayton? As ya’all know I’m loving the Creaky, Creasy, Crayton. I realize he only put up 8.6 points in a traditional PPR league last week. […]

Fantasy Suicide Watch- All Is Not Lost!

It’s one of those days. I went 3-1 this week and most folks would be thrilled. I predicted Josh Freeman would have a good week (20+ pts).  I should be giddie.  I’m not most folks. I pride myself at being great at fantasy play. Fact is….I’m good but not great. I lost in my obsession league […]