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Closing Down

After years of playing ESPN Fantasy Baseball, I have collaborated a series of “winning” strategies into one that has won five championships and trips to playoffs in all the others: FORGET CLOSERS. You may have heard it somewhere before, but it’s become evident to me that the majority of ESPN Fantasy users have not. When […]

Ivan Nova- The Yanks Secret to Success

As I wrote 9 days ago, Ivan Nova is a legit starting pitcher in MLB. He solidified the 4th starting spot on the Yanks. His first outing – 6 innings, 3 ER, 3K, 2 BB, and most importantly a win. He was worth 66 points in my fantasy league. Not bad for my 14th round […]

Jake Peavy- Back to the Top?

As I wrote in a much earlier piece (Peavy the Pud or Peavy the Stud) Jake Peavy could be th sleeper of 2011. He just completed a 59 pitch simulated game at the Sox’s Arizona Training facility. I strongly recommend stashing him on your DL roster now before the the rest of the fantasy world […]

Opening Day Injuries

With Opening Day 2011 only three days away, and the final week of preseason fantasy drafts upon us, I figured it would be beneficial to my fellow players to update them on injuries heading into Opening Day. The damage, team by team, is as follows: Arizona Diamondbacks Updated Player Pos Injury Expected Return 03/23/11 Tony Abreu […]

Ivan Nova #4 Freddy G #5 Rivera/Soriano – Fantasy Logic?

So spring training is winding down and the coveted Yankees have firmed up their pitching rotation. Ivan Nova has done enough to win the 4th starting spot. He has minimal major league experience but has looked pretty sharp this spring. Considering he is on the Yankees I would venture to predict 12 wins from this […]

Utley / Lidge OUT / Madson / Castillo IN (with a side of Valdez)

The Phillies injuries continue. The oft injured Lidge will be starting the year on the DL. This means the wacky and often emotionally unstable Ryan Madson is now the closer. Madson has the stuff just not that killer instinct. This is the year where we see if he can finally get is sh*t together. IF […]

AL East: Offensive Importation

There is not a doubt in my mind that the AL East and its’ recent acquisitions will put up quality power numbers for fantasy owners  universally in the  2011 season. Coming off a 2010 season that produced the top 3 teams in homerun hitting (almost a thousand homeruns total: 962,) RBI’s, BB’s, and OPS the […]

Psycho Manny and Old Man Damon

Sometimes in baseball the old men still limp onto teams with value. Johnny Damon and Manny Ramirez have landed on the Tampa Bay Rays. Dare I say this is the smartest GM play of the year. The Rays may have a pathetic fanbase and a sad sad stadium but they know how to compete. Maybe […]