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The Sexy Fantasy Football Strategy

There is the safe way to play fantasy football and there is the “sexy” way. Granted, being sexy isn’t always for the prudish folks. At this point of the season either you are looking pretty at 7-1 or 5-3 or you are STRUGGLING at 3-5 or 2-7 and need to win out the rest of […]

Orton’s Amazing Bunch

Sorry for the delay but I have spent the day working and attempting to salvage my fantasy season. Believe it or not I myself have been hard at work in trade talks. I will bring you my analysis of the multiple trades I am brokering in my big money keeper league once they are made […]

Fantasy Flukie’s News and Notes

Quick summation of fantasy football news. Demaryius Thomas is officially a waste of space for Denver in 2010. Drop him and/or ignore him until 2011. Eric Decker holds more value on that team and that value is low low low. The only WR I like on Denver is Gaffney. I stand by my original statements […]

Keeper League Draft

So I had my first draft of the year. It was nice to get this one out of the way early. Plus, it gave me the opportunity to talk football in May. My favorite past time! So the rookies went as I expected. The only rookies that were left on the board were: Armanti Edwards, […]