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WR3some – Ochocinco/Bennet/Amendola

So the playoffs are here. I accomplished my goal making the playoffs in all 4 of my leagues. Including the dreaded cheatful keeper league. That being accomplished its time to look at the WR3 spot or the “flex” play in some leagues. I picked up Ochocinco off the land of waivers, traded for Amendola mid-season, […]

Keeper League Draft

So I had my first draft of the year. It was nice to get this one out of the way early. Plus, it gave me the opportunity to talk football in May. My favorite past time! So the rookies went as I expected. The only rookies that were left on the board were: Armanti Edwards, […]

Fantasy Football – Trades, Morons, and Matchups Week 1

¬† If you look¬†close at this picture you will see a Giants logo at the top. It is fitting because a top prognosticator at believes Danny Ware will be the next great come from nowhere RB! I officially think he is on crack! That being said I give him credit for going on the […]