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2011 Fantasy Football Preseason Rankings, Version I: Quarterbacks

Well it seems early (and if the season is postponed, it could be even earlier), but we’re hitting up our first round of fantasy football rankings. First up, quarterbacks. 5 Players of Note I’ve already shown that I’m unsure of Mike Vick‘s stability as the number one quarterback off the board, and I’m continuing that […]

Top 12 Rookies in Fantasy Football 2011

Well the draft is all over, and here I’ll explain my Top 12 fantasy options in this year’s Rookie class. 1. A.J. Green, WR, Cincinnati Bengals (4th Overall) He’s target number 1 for anyone looking to take a rookie in this year’s fantasy draft. With easily the most raw talent of anyone here, all that […]

Some Week 15 Fantasy Winners and Losers

Sometimes you lose a fantasy match-up because your team sucks. Sometimes you lose a fantasy match-up because their team is just too good. But then there’s the times you lose your fantasy match-up because the fantasy gods hate you and your stinking team. For so many people in their fantasy playoff matches this week, all […]

Some Week 11 Winners/Losers

Some Week 11 Winners Greg Jennings – The fifth year wide receiver was the top-scoring RB/WR/TE this week, and grabbed 3 touchdowns in his 7 receptions for 152 yards. He caught the balls from another fantasy winner, Aaron Rodgers, who came back nicely from the bye. Since throwing 9 picks through his first 7 games, […]

Last Minute Blunders

Boys will be Boys. Don’t make those last minute blunders. If you need help reach out. I just had one flukester email me. He was going to start Fred Jackson or James Jones. Once I reviewed his waiver wire I recommended the “aggresive” approach of Deon Buter. Think about it logically –Mike Williams is going […]

First Fantasy Points in the Book

Game one in the book. As Scotty P predicted the scoring was minimal. It was a shock to me. Only Shiancoe had great fantasy numbers – 4 catches, 76 yards, and 1 TD. I could not have predicted that one but in a sense I should have seen it. The only player Favre trusts when coverage is tight […]

Don’t Get Too Cute Week 1

  I’m just as guilty as the next guy. I OVER ANALYZE week 1 and try to get too cute. I stare at kickers and defenses OVER and OVER again. Though, I have to give a shout out to the Arizona D and the Dallas Kicker (I don’t know his name nor do I care to, […]

Happy Jew Year!

While my Hebrew friends all over the world will be blowing the Shofar on Thursday to celebrate the start of the New Year, my fantasy football brothers and sisters will be gearing up for the start of a different kind of new year – the beginning of the NFL Season. Yes, the NFL Season kicks […]