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Fantasy WRs To Notice After Week 3 Preseason

Sorry for the delay folks, but Hurricaine Irene reaked havoc on my internet connection. Thank you NFL network for rebroadcasting the games! Now that my DirecTV is back I can watch them. Week 3 of preseason is the last week of value to try to ascertain which players will have true value. Here are some of […]

Creaky Crayton and QB Waiver Wire Play

🙂 Smile Creaky Crayton is here for those struggling to find a bye week filler at WR. Naane has not practiced all week and is NOT playing on Sunday. I realize that Malcolm Floyd had a monster game last week but the Rams will at least keep Floyd in check. However they do not have […]

Fantasy Flukie’s News and Notes

Quick summation of fantasy football news. Demaryius Thomas is officially a waste of space for Denver in 2010. Drop him and/or ignore him until 2011. Eric Decker holds more value on that team and that value is low low low. The only WR I like on Denver is Gaffney. I stand by my original statements […]

How to Approach an Auction Draft

There are numerous ways to approach an auction. I am going to highlight 3 ways that I have found successful. This is assuming a total of $100, 16 roster spots, PPR league. 1. Shock and Awe – Similar to a “studs and scrubs” approach in a keeper league. Overbid your competition to guarantee greats. An example […]

Big Names Big Busts

People in fantasy sports have a tendency to get caught up in a name. But some big names are misleading. I just read a great piece on walterfootball which lists all the reasons CJ won’t repeat his 2100 yard performance. As Walter so graciously explained history is just not on CJ’s side. I would rather […]


As Scott J Pachman so eloquently wrote “balls to the wall” is a good approach to have. At least you can tell yourself you left it all on the “fantasy field.” Where I differ with the self proclaimed expert is the way in which you execute this strategy. One must understand coaches and philosophies. Some […]