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Max Hall QB Waiver Wire Play of the Week

The waiver wire is getting sketchy for QB’s with the various bye weeks and injuries. Max Hall being announced the starter in Arizona is a breath of fresh air. He looked good in mop up duty against SD last week. Ken Whisenhunt has said he is the best QB on his staff. I’m not gonna […]

The Drips and Drabs of the Final Cuts

This is it. The final cuts for NFL teams have happened. Some interesting cuts did occur. Julius Jones was cut. I admit when I am wrong and I was wrong about Jones. I thought Julius Jones may have been able to hang on for one more year and give some bye week replacement coverage on […]

Multiple Fantasy Injuries Buyer Beware

I just wanted to give a quick blurb on the multiple fantasy injuries. I’m shocked we have this many injuries that affect fantasy play this week. Donte Stallworth – Broke a bone in his foot and will have surgery immediately. He most likely won’t be out for the year but any value he had is […]

Fantasy Roundup – Whats Hot Whats Not!

Sorry I took the last couple days off. Didn’t want to burn out before the start of the season. I also would like to thank our feature writers Scott J Pachman and Seth J Pollock for stepping up in my absence. I think their work is VERY compelling. They are helping to make┬ámy dream a […]

Mike Furrey Waiver Wire Week 5

Edwards is no longer a Brown. Welcome to the big city Braylon! Hopefully he doesn’t go popping anymore friends of susperstars. Don’t look at Edwards as a major fantasy contributor this year. Just think back to last year’s Roy Williams. It is difficult to learn a new NFL offense on the fly. Edwards will help […]