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Kerry Collins? Fantasy MVP?!

Kerry Collins fantasy MVP?!? Crazier things have happened. Who thought Arian Foster would be the #1 fantasy RB in 2010? ***sidebar – for all ya scared folks Arian Foster will start week 1, even the idiots at cbssports are reporting that*** Kerry Collins is a 17 yr veteran. Six times in his career he threw […]

Waiver Wire TE – Need of the Week

This has been one heck of a stretch for TEs. Not only did Finley go down last week but now we have lost Dallas Clark and Antonio Gates. Clark’s situation is beyond complicated. All I know is that he has a wrist injury and that depending on what surgery he has done he could be […]

Roster for TD Only League

So now that I have gotten my soft side out (my previous piece) lets get down to business. I had the 5th draft position and somehow someway Adrian Peterson fell to me. I’m surprised but stranger things have happened in a TD only league. No need to explain the AP pick onto round 2. In […]

The Tight End Quandry in Fantasy Football

This debate has gone on since the beginning of fantasy play as we know it. The tried and true method of TE drafting is  the late rounds. I am assuming a PPR serpentine draft.  Over the years the TE in some offenses has turned into an extension of the passing game. Whereas in the past it was […]