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Torain the Barbarian…Shanahan the Loyalist

  It seems that running backs off waivers is becoming the norm. It’s only week 5 and look at this list of players: Ryan Torain, Chris Ivory, Ladell Betts, Kenneth Darby, Kareem “Huggy Bear’s 10 mins of fame” Huggins, LaGarrett Blount,  Mike Bell (w/ LeSean Mccoy going down), James Starks, and so on and so on. […]

After Waivers…What Slop Remains?

I didn’t do a post for waivers this week because to be frank? Nothing struck my fancy. Mark Clayton should be off waivers and you should be starting him. Against my better judgement I’m starting Tim Hightower over LT. Gotta ride the hot hand and Clayton and Hightower are hotter then LT. Heck the Redskins […]

Don’t Get Too Cute Week 1

  I’m just as guilty as the next guy. I OVER ANALYZE week 1 and try to get too cute. I stare at kickers and defenses OVER and OVER again. Though, I have to give a shout out to the Arizona D and the Dallas Kicker (I don’t know his name nor do I care to, […]

The Drips and Drabs of the Final Cuts

This is it. The final cuts for NFL teams have happened. Some interesting cuts did occur. Julius Jones was cut. I admit when I am wrong and I was wrong about Jones. I thought Julius Jones may have been able to hang on for one more year and give some bye week replacement coverage on […]

Beating on the Fantasy Sleeper Wagon

I know…I know I’m beating on the sleeper wagon. I promise this is my last sleeper piece of the week. I do also know that this is primarily the last week for drafts. With the ever changing information in fantasy I want to give my followers as much information as possible. FFarmory has a fantastic piece […]

Unknown Players with Fantasy Life and Death

I told ya all that today is my favorite day of the week. Just spent the last 8 hours reading up on fantasy football. Yes, you read that right. I woke up at 6am with my twins. I threw them in front of the TV with Fruity Pebbles and off to the races. I’m surprised […]

Auction Results

I am pleased with my first auction results of the year (PPR, $100 auction). If you refer to my previous article I implored the third approach – sitting on my hands until pick 20. Ok, I lied, I jumped on Gore at pick 19. I felt Frank Gore was worth the play with the announcement […]

Fantasy Football – Trades, Morons, and Matchups Week 1

  If you look close at this picture you will see a Giants logo at the top. It is fitting because a top prognosticator at believes Danny Ware will be the next great come from nowhere RB! I officially think he is on crack! That being said I give him credit for going on the […]