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Week 4 Players Worth Starting

Heading into week 4, I have had some fortune in my leagues. I am 3-0, 2-1, and 2-1. However, some fantasy owners have not had the same success that I have. This week is the first for those falling behind to get back in the game. Let’s take a look at my must starts at […]

Some Week 15 Fantasy Winners and Losers

Sometimes you lose a fantasy match-up because your team sucks. Sometimes you lose a fantasy match-up because their team is just too good. But then there’s the times you lose your fantasy match-up because the fantasy gods hate you and your stinking team. For so many people in their fantasy playoff matches this week, all […]

Is Benson the Fantasy Savior?

So tremendous drama went down in one of my leagues today. A fantasy player tanked his season by trading MJD for Cedric Benson and junk. I thank sportsline by placing a tag line saying he is leading the NFL in rushing. It is only week 5. I guarantee by week 16 Benson will not still […]