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The RB Uncertainty Flex Play

There isn’t much to report except for the gluttony of banged up RBS. This leads to some dicey flex plays this week. Moreno is down with a hammy injury (not sure which hammy but I assume it is the same one). My gut says that Buckhalter will see the majority of the carries. Although rotoworld […]

Have Faith in Mr Favre

In my TD only league I traded for Mr Favre. I had the unfortunate luck of having BOTH Stafford and Kolb in this league. I was lucky enough to have depth at RB with AP, Arian Foster, and Pierre Thomas. Since I’m unable to play 3 backs each week I made the difficult decision to […]

The Pitfalls of Fantasy Football and the Emergence of Action Jackson

I am going to take a moment to tell you a story from one of my leagues. Now, I despise when someone blathers on and on about their team or league because, really, do any of us care? Not really. However, in this instance, bear with me because there is a point for ALL owners […]