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Top 12 Rookies in Fantasy Football 2011

Well the draft is all over, and here I’ll explain my Top 12 fantasy options in this year’s Rookie class. 1. A.J. Green, WR, Cincinnati Bengals (4th Overall) He’s target number 1 for anyone looking to take a rookie in this year’s fantasy draft. With easily the most raw talent of anyone here, all that […]

Some Week 13 Fantasy Winners/Losers

Some Week 13 Fantasy Winners Adrian Peterson – After what was, for Peterson, a bit of a down spell (just 233 combined yards and a touchdown in the last 3 weeks), his 108 yards and 3 touchdowns in Sunday’s victory over the Bills is a welcome return to form for his owners. Fantasy wise, Peterson dominated […]

Last Minute Blunders

Boys will be Boys. Don’t make those last minute blunders. If you need help reach out. I just had one flukester email me. He was going to start Fred Jackson or James Jones. Once I reviewed his waiver wire I recommended the “aggresive” approach of Deon Buter. Think about it logically –Mike Williams is going […]

Flukie’s Fibbets Week 3

I am all about the speculative fantasy football pickup. Trust me when I tell you Hank Baskett isn’t it! Did I pick him up for 4 hours? Yes…but then I realized the more intelligent speculative play was Chris Ivory. Ivory will be the #2 back in NO by next week and with Pierre’s injury history […]

Cocky Smart Starts Week 1

So I just finished my daily reading of my fav 7-8 blogs and I have seen one trend repeated over and over. Tim Hightower is a MUST START this week. One site has Hightower ranked #2 right behind Chris Johnson. This is well ahead of EVERY other proven back out there. Wells is going to […]

Eanie, Meanie, For Week 1 Don’t Start Beanie

Rule of thumb has been, if your fantasy players are going up against the pitiful Rams DST, they are a must-start. On paper, starting Beanie Wells against the porous Rams’ defense should be a no-brainer. However, I’m not starting him this week and I’m here to tell you not to start him either. Wells has […]

Don’t Get Too Cute Week 1

  I’m just as guilty as the next guy. I OVER ANALYZE week 1 and try to get too cute. I stare at kickers and defenses OVER and OVER again. Though, I have to give a shout out to the Arizona D and the Dallas Kicker (I don’t know his name nor do I care to, […]

The Wacky World of Injuries

Just a quick blurb from the Fluke on MAJOR injuries that will affect fantasy play. Beanie Wells hurt his knee. The good news is that he didn’t go back into the looker room. This just improves my position on starting Tim Hightower week 1 in fantasy play. Byron Leftwich tore his MCL.  Tough call on […]