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The Adrian Peterson Conundrum – Charles in Charge a Better Pick?

 I have been blessed with AP’s presence for the past 2 years. I won my keeper PPR league last year by the grace of LaGarrett Blount. AP screwed my pooch yet again in the fantasy playoffs. AP is a stud. I will not deny that. He will finish in the top 7 fantasy backs. However, drafting him at the […]

Four Top-10 Running Backs Who Won’t Be There in 2011

Every year there’s a lot of movement in final fantasy football rankings within each position. Running back is perhaps the most stable year-to-year position, but still every year there’s quite a bit of movement. Consider the top 10 fantasy running backs from the 2009 football season. Chris Johnson Maurice Jones-Drew Adrian Peterson Ray Rice Frank […]

Some Week 15 Fantasy Winners and Losers

Sometimes you lose a fantasy match-up because your team sucks. Sometimes you lose a fantasy match-up because their team is just too good. But then there’s the times you lose your fantasy match-up because the fantasy gods hate you and your stinking team. For so many people in their fantasy playoff matches this week, all […]

The AP Dilemma: Ride the Blount

I have read more crap about AP over the past 48 hours then any human being could possibly tolerate. I am psychotic. Of course when you spend a cool $1000 in one fantasy football league you are mentally ill. My ENTIRE season comes down to Blount, Moreno, Freeman, Jennings, Ochocinco, Witten, NE Def, and S […]

Some Week 10 Fantasy Winners/Losers

Some Week 14 Fantasy Winners Darren McFadden – The Oakland running back had one of the games of the season, rushing 16 times for 123 yards and 2 scores, while netting 3 receptions for 86 yards and a touchdown. That’s a combined 209 yards and 3 touchdowns for the 3rd year back. His performance was […]

Some Week 13 Fantasy Winners/Losers

Some Week 13 Fantasy Winners Adrian Peterson – After what was, for Peterson, a bit of a down spell (just 233 combined yards and a touchdown in the last 3 weeks), his 108 yards and 3 touchdowns in Sunday’s victory over the Bills is a welcome return to form for his owners. Fantasy wise, Peterson dominated […]

Have Faith in Mr Favre

In my TD only league I traded for Mr Favre. I had the unfortunate luck of having BOTH Stafford and Kolb in this league. I was lucky enough to have depth at RB with AP, Arian Foster, and Pierre Thomas. Since I’m unable to play 3 backs each week I made the difficult decision to […]

First Fantasy Points in the Book

Game one in the book. As Scotty P predicted the scoring was minimal. It was a shock to me. Only Shiancoe had great fantasy numbers – 4 catches, 76 yards, and 1 TD. I could not have predicted that one but in a sense I should have seen it. The only player Favre trusts when coverage is tight […]