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(Free) Agents of Change

It seems to be the consensus that football is now a year-round sport. The season no longer ends at the last whistle of the Super Bowl. We (ESPN, sports radio, struggling news papers and football blogs and websites…) now have turned free agency, trades, the draft, and mini-camps all into grand events. Where we study […]

Scrub a Dub Dub A Few Receivers in the Tub

So lets look for a the scrubs that clean up nice in the bubble bath. Greg Little  is second in receptions for rookies (#1 is AJ Green). Little has been a bit erratic. He is only averaging 9.3 points in PPR. However, he has only been “officially” starting for 3 weeks now. In those three weeks he has scored […]

Flukie’s Value Fantasy Players Week 3

Its been a tough 3 weeks for me in fantasy. I’m 2-1, 2-1, and 1-2. That is just my teams not the ones I’m paid to manage (hence why my blogging slowed I now have paying customers). After 3 weeks of fantasy football the crap bubbles to the surface. Here are the players that have suddenly […]

Waiver Wire Replacements for Week 2

Week 1 is in the books, and it was a very exciting first week of football. The Colts were crushed without Peyton Manning starting at quarterback. The Colts will miss him dearly, but opposing defenses will disagree. Sam Bradford was hurt in week 1 as well, but he should be good to go for week […]

The Stone Cold Fantasy Football Defense Locks

I have always been an advocate of the fantasy defense matchups. I never draft a defense or kicker. I always load up on prospects in hopes of finding this year’s sleeper. However, by now I had to make 2 drops in order to get myself a K and a DEF. I just don’t believe in […]

Sleeper Tight Ends to Start in Week 1

Its time to play some football. The season kicks off against Thursday night as the Packers and Saints square off. Both teams feature tight ends that need to be started if owned. JerMichael Finley and Jimmy Graham are going to play pivotal roles in two of the league’s best passing attacks. Outside of the obvious (Gates, […]

Kerry Collins? Fantasy MVP?!

Kerry Collins fantasy MVP?!? Crazier things have happened. Who thought Arian Foster would be the #1 fantasy RB in 2010? ***sidebar – for all ya scared folks Arian Foster will start week 1, even the idiots at cbssports are reporting that*** Kerry Collins is a 17 yr veteran. Six times in his career he threw […]

Rookie Quarterbacks 2011

Since Taylor DeChant and The Fantasy Flukie decided to do articles on rookie RBs and WRs, respectively, I thought it would be a good idea to focus in on the first-year quarterbacks. Right now, it appears that there are two that will start the season, but there is a possibility of three others making their debuts sometime […]