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The TurboTax Take on Fantasy Football

Sometimes you come along something in the reams of emails that causes you to stop and think. TurboTax created this hilarious infographic discussing fantasy sports and tax implications. Typically, I don’t post this stuff  but I found it oddly useful and intriguing. Besides, I don’t want to piss off TurboTax since they are my tax software. Click […]

MNF Free $100.00 Contest

FREE MNF $100.00 Contest! is offering $100.00 to the person who picks the winner of tonight’s Bears @ Eagles game and finishes with the highest score! Just Register, pick the winner, pick 2 Flex Players for next week’s game, click “Free” and Review the contest! Because of the Flex Players not playing until next […]

FREE $100.00 Contest! is offering $100.00 for free to the person who picks the winner of the NY Jets @ Buffalo Bills game and finishes with the highest score! All you have to do is register, make the pick, and finish at the top. I work for them as well and can tell you this is 100% […]

New Sportcraft Tailgating Games — JUST IN TIME FOR A NEW SEASON!

Gotta give it to Sportcraft. They have launched a boatload of new games. I have always loved this company. I have a Sportscraft Pool Table that I snagged from Walmart on the cheap. Works great for $400! Alas, I digress. The purpose of this article to to review one of the games they sent my way. I […]

Buffalo Wild Wings Says Thank You Sir Can We Have Another Opportunity?

Well, I’m sure most of you signed the Buffalo Wild Wings Facebook Save the Season  petition during the lockout. They wanted me to remind you that they are offering you Six Free Wings for signing that petition. They are redeemable during the broadcast of NFL games during the month of September. I printed my coupon […]

Get A Free Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor

Last year, we partnered with Gillette to give away a number of Fusion ProGlide razors before they even hit store shelves. And now, we’re doing it once again – Only this time, it’s so you can take the ProGlide Challenge. The ProGlide Challenge is the ultimate face-off between your current razor and the ProGlide. Click […]