Two Scrub QBs to Take in the Last Round of Drafts – Tim Hightower the Next Ray Rice?!

I’m all on board the Matt Stafford train this year. That being said I’m not about to leave myself exposed without some type of coverage. Has Stafford ever played 16 games? 

That leads me to two scrub QBs  that the average fantasy player would laugh at —– John Beck and Alex Smith. Chuckle, chuckle, giggle, giggle, jiggle, jiggle —- ya’ all done? Now lets get down to business!

John Beck — Yes, I’m the guy that wrote that Rex Grossman will have 3000 yards and 25 TDs. That was an epic fail with regards to fantasy insight. However, the logic was not as flawed as you may think. Only six teams finished with more passing yards then Washington in 2010. I know Mike Shanahan. I worship Mike Shanahan. He is actually on my bucket list of people to meet before I die. He is an offensive genius.

Mike Shanahan is the reason Peyton Hillis and Mike Bell made the NFL. He is known for pulling RBs out of the scrap heap. Another little known trait about Shanahan is that he can make a bonafide stiff look like an All-Pro QB. The reason he failed w. DMAC was simple— DMAC is done, stick a fork in him! Donovan no longer has that chip on his shoulder—he has lost his desire. Add to that the fact that McNabb is perhaps the most inaccurate mid-range passer in the game and boom!! fireworks! John Beck doesn’t have an arm. But, he is accurate in the short to mid-range throws. This little known fact is the most important trait to have in a Shanahan offense. This is the reason why Mike leans towards Beck. Kyle Shanahan (Mike’s son and OC) likes Grossman for one reason— a bigger gun. Grossman does have the better arm and can throw the ball deep. He shares the “college” bond with Santana Moss. I get why Kyle leans towards Grossman. However, Grossman will do what Grossman always does— make mistakes. That is why John Beck is gonna get the nod. With a team that passes as much as the Skins John Beck is bound to have respectable stats and qualify as a fantasy backup QB. Not bad for round 16, eh?

Alex Smith — Now, how many years have we waited for Alex to look competent? I can’t say with certainty that this is the year. His cast of characters has improved—- Braylon Edwards is a legit WR#1. Edwards is pissed that he got screwed in free agency. HE is a HEADCASE and is always involved in off field “events” BUT he can play ball. The same can’t be said for Michael Crabtree. Crabtree is soft, slow, and short. He will underachieve and may wash out of the NFL. Vernon Davis is a tremendous red zone target and Frank Gore is a beast (who catches the ball) when healthy. Add to that a new head coach who knows the West Coast Offense and its high percentage pass system and Alex will have minimal success.

I realize the Bay Area is pining for a new QB. Hence, the reason Culpepper got worked out. The Bay Area’s best bet for 2011 is to hang on with Alex Smith. He isn’t the long term answer but he is serviceable at least for this season. If you need a backup QB who you will use for 1 week (barring injury) Alex Smith is competent as a bye week replacement.

Tim Hightower — This is the in “vogue” upside RB of 2011. Could he in fact be the Ray Rice of 2010? Doubtful. But he could be the poor man’s version. Hightower lacks the speed and explosiveness of Rice. He does possess his pass catching ability. He also fits well into the Shanahan run blocking system. Torain is hurt and the rookie Helu is struggling in pass protection. Remember what I wrote earlier in this article? Shanahan is known for making lesser RBs relevant in fantasy football. Tim Hightower will be relevant this year. I’m so confident I predict he will be a top 12 RB in fantasy play. Even if Helu eventually gets the start later in the year Hightower will still be in on third downs and the red zone because of his pass catching. He also can slip into coverage and be a “mid range” target for Beck. Draft Tim Hightower in round 5 and feel confident that you have a starting RB2 who has RB1 upside.

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3 Responses to “Two Scrub QBs to Take in the Last Round of Drafts – Tim Hightower the Next Ray Rice?!”

  1. Jonesy says:

    You’re such a HOMER, dude! That explains your previous retarded Rex Grossman comment from weeks ago! Now you’re saying Hightower a top 12 RB??? Dude, seriously, do you work in the fantasy football segment of the Redskins PR department??

    To your misguided readers:
    If you somehow took Stafford as your #1 (not smart, he really should be drafted as a #2 in 12/10 team leagues), I recommend immediately grabbing Sam Bradford.
    Also, Hightower could be a solid #2 RB in PPR format only. Drafting an RB in a Shanahan backfield comes with risks so make sure you got sufficient depth at that position.


  2. The Fantasy Flukie says:

    @Jonesy – When I wrote this piece I was waiting for you 🙂 I’m actually a die hard Eagles fan so I can’t be a homer. Though I do have a chubby for Shanahan. I knew you would call me out so I made sure I saved this from – It is a paid service but I’m sure they won’t mind me sharing this one tidbit, so obviously there are others in ff community that agree w. me:

    Who is this year’s Arian Foster? Tim
    Hightower is a possibility. He’ll start, and
    Mike Shanahan tends to hitch up the wagon
    behind one back and run him into the
    ground. If Hightower can stay healthy and
    hang onto the starting job, he may run for
    about 1,300 yards and a dozen touchdowns.
    We are not, however, ranking him as highly
    as we ranked Foster last year. Hightower
    isn’t as talented, so we’re not as
    comfortable penciling him in for 14-plus
    starts. He’s got below-average speed, so
    Washington may try to work in a second,
    speedier back at some point. Rookie Roy
    Helu is definitely faster (check out the 50-
    plus yard runs that these two backs had in
    the first half of the win over the Colts).
    Hightower also had problems with fumbles
    last year. Speed, fumbles, whatever – maybe
    Shanahan decides at some point to plug
    some other running back into that role. Helu
    is a possibility. So are Evan Royster and
    Ryan Torain. In the game at Indianapolis,
    Hightower gained 58 yards on one carry but
    otherwise gained only 13 yards on 5
    attempts against a bad defense. Helu was
    the second back in and went for 101 yards
    on 14 carries, with a long of 51. In summary:
    we like Hightower, but there is definitely a
    risk element involved

  3. The Fantasy Flukie says:

    @ Jonesy – also irony that I went on sportsline and see a pic of Stafford and Hightower. hmmmmmmm could it be I’m ahead of the curve? directly from cbsports:

    “Matthew Stafford is a starter

    Stafford has moved into the Top 12, and he is being drafted in Round 8. He is behind Josh Freeman, and he is being drafted ahead of Eli Manning. This is the right spot to take Stafford because if he plays 16 games then he could easily be a Top 10 Fantasy quarterback, if not higher, but there’s still some risk based on his injury history.

    Manning is now being considered a backup Fantasy quarterback, but that’s OK. What we’ve suggested is if you take Stafford then try to land Manning one round later to have a solid backup in case Stafford gets hurt.

    Now in full disclosure sportsline doesn’t share my rosey hightower glasses:

    “Ryan Torain is now behind Tim Hightower

    It’s clear that Hightower is going to start for the Redskins this year, but this backfield could be a mess with Roy Helu and Torain also in the mix. Still, Hightower is being drafted as the best running back for the Redskins in Round 9. Torain is now after Hightower in Round 9 also, and Helu is not being drafted until Round 11.

    We would draft Hightower as a No. 3 running back, and Torain is still worth taking as a No. 4 option considering he should play a prominent role following his hand injury. Helu is only worth drafting with a late-round flier in deep leagues”

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