4 Responses to “Clayton VS Naane – Best Waiver Wire WR Start Week 2?”

  1. JS says:

    Meanwhile, Clayton, who just joined the team, went to the same college as QB Sam Bradford and the pair have been working together even before he signed on with the Rams, which was evident in Week One.

  2. A C Slater says:

    Danny Amendola is the Best Waiver Wire Start Fluckie

  3. rxp2601 says:

    I want to make room on my roster to add Clayton & Mike Thomas. So I am willing to trade

    Mike Wallace and J Stewart for M williams (TB)

    Carolina rookie qb 3 possible options w/ gooden williams and stewart, why keep him around other than hoping for an injury.

    What do you think – Is Wallace going to be a better option when Ben comes back? He will always be a # 2 w/ ward there on a run first team.

    what do you guys think?

  4. rxp2601 says:

    I thought very hard about trying to justify picking up Naanee – but after looking at their sched, SD has one of the easiest sched against the run. In addition they have Gates, Floyd, Sproles (3rd down option back) and Mathews who has recieving skills. Norv loves to establish the run first to open up play-action deep passes. So for a ppr league I do not believe he is as enticing as Clayton or even Amendola.

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