Unknown Players with Fantasy Life and Death

I told ya all that today is my favorite day of the week. Just spent the last 8 hours reading up on fantasy football. Yes, you read that right. I woke up at 6am with my twins. I threw them in front of the TV with Fruity Pebbles and off to the races. I’m surprised at the players that popped out of no where. Javon Walker?!?!? Are you kidding me?

Javon Walker – Can he give the Vikings anything? I’m in a quandary. This does tell me that Childress is in panic mode. It looks like Sidney Rice won’t be ready to go for at least the first couple weeks of the season. Add to that Harvin’s never ending migraine issues and they are feeling the heat. You can’t go into the season with “slow as molasses”  Berrian and Greg Lewis as your #2 WR. Javon Walker had two years of glory in 2003 and 2004 (2003 – 700 yards, 41 catches,  9 TDs / 2004 – 1400 yards, 89 catches, and 12 TDs). Favre was his QB and we all know Favre falls in love with players. Honestly does Walker have anything left? My gut says he might be of minimal value early in the season till the Rice thing plays out. Early prediction? Low – 450yards, 35 catches, 2 TDs. High – 700 yards, 50 catches, 4 TDs. I am always the optimist who likes the ancient reunions. Some folks are saying he won’t even make the team. Trust me he makes the roster.

Larry Johnson – He may be known but he hasn’t had anything left in his tank for 3 years and counting. I bought into the hype and picked him up in the off season assuming that Portis is dead. Well, I was wrong. Its the other way around LJ is dead. Odds are he won’t make the team and should be dropped on all fantasy rosters.

Ryan Torain / Keiland Williams – One of these two stiffs will make the roster in Washington. I have no clue who. Torain wasn’t in the NFL last year but he was a Shanahan back in his past life. I know NOTHING bout Williams. I wait to see who sticks and only pick them off waivers if Portis gets hurt. It looks like Portis is the man in Washington. They are going to ride him and Dmac into the ground. Smart play for Shanahan. Destroy the aging vets to make the playoffs and get Dan Snyder off his back. NOTE: If you haven’t noticed Willie Parker isn’t even in this conversation.

Anthony Armstrong – He flew under my radar till today. He is a WR on Washington. The last preseason game he made 4 catches for 82 yards. He is only 5’11 and putting him and Moss on the field at the same time may be an issue. Best case scenario he lands as the #3 WR. Maybe 500 yards, 45 catches, and 2 TDs. This is a reach however and he is only worth drafting in the deepest of dynasty leagues. But this is what I do folks…..bring the unknowns to your attention.

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Aaron Hernandez – He is the TE that is going to be of value on New England. The days of an under-performing Ben Watson are over. Belichick is into him. Go figure he wasn’t even the first TE taken by NE last year. I picked him up in my keeper and season league. He is looking good this preseason.  Last game he caught a TD (to be fair so did the other TE Gronkowski). Hernandez is more a TE in this image and likeness of Tony Scheffler. He “technically” is called a TE but is actually a WR type. Hernandez will get more looks at the endzone then the true #3 WR Brandon Tate and the true TE Gronkowski.

Brandon Tate – I’m still high on Tate I just don’t think he is going to be on the field at the goal line. Tate is more a 2011 player. I’m not sure Welker and Moss will be back next year. I feel fairly confident that Brady is resigned and that Welker and Moss are shown their walking papers. There is a better then average chance that the starting WRs in 2011 will be Taylor Price, Brandon Tate, and Julian Edelman. Add Hernandez into the mix as TE/WR flex and NE has managed to rebuild their entire offense without missing a beat. I respect Belichick as much as Shanahan. Both are offensive geniuses that know how to recycle their team under the NFL’s noses. They also know how to rotate “has been” RBs with effectiveness.

Kevin Walter – All off season I have heard that he is going to lose his job to Jacoby Jones. WAKE UP PEOPLE! It hasn’t happened. I just picked up Walter off waivers and I plan on holding him at least until game 8. Is it possible that Jones can overtake him for the WR#2 position? It’s possible but it is not going to happen this preseason. Walter is lining up with the first team offense and Jacoby Jones is with the second team. Kevin Walter will be effective as the #2 this year and this year only. Feel confident to expect 600-700 yards and 5-7 TDs.

Hope this helps you during the crunch time of fantasy football drafts. I’m always around to answer questions and give you my thoughts. My cohort Scott J Pachman is going to post a piece defending his “questionable trades” later today. I can’t wait to weigh in on this topic. – flukie out – and don’t forget to tell www.papajohns.com that I sent ya!

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8 Responses to “Unknown Players with Fantasy Life and Death”

  1. A C Slater says:

    Dont pick up Kevin Walters he is a waste. Please people I promise you Fantasy Flukie will be off this guys band wangon after week 2 and will have dropped him by then. Kevin Walters has no upside and will only have 2 good games this year at best. Buyier Beware.
    On a different note for those two of you who read the comments dont play it safe with your second round of the draft ( 10 thru 16 ) Take the guys you like and that have the potential to be a superstar even if it is only a 10 % shot or less. The Kevin Walters out there are a dime a dozen they wont win you a championship they wont even help you out in a bye week but the guys with Upside they can make all the differnce for you. If you dont believe me here are some guys that went late in last years draft or who were not even drafted who were real difference makers in 2009 (Sidney Rice, Miles Austin, Steve Smith NYG, Jerome Harrison, Justin Forsett, Mike Sims Walker, Robert Meechum, Brett Farve, Vernon Davis) The point is Upside. Who in 2010 has the upside you decide.

  2. The Fantasy Flukie says:

    @AC – Kevin Walter is the #2WR on a pass first offense. I would rather possess him then Mike Thomas who is the #2 WR on a Run first offense. I’ll take a side bet the Walter puts up btr numbers then Mike Thomas.

    different note – I concur on gambling with the 2nd pick. But gamble within reason. The guys you mentioned weren’t second roud picks last year. The only ones in your list that are 2nd rounders this year are Miles Austin, Sidney Rice (who i wont touch he is injured), and Steve Smith NYG.

    • A C Slater says:

      I meant Second Half of the Draft Flukie. Why will Kevin Walter be any better this year then he has been in the past? Is it because a coach listed him number two on the depth chart? He has been listed as the number two guy the last two years. Are you saying that this year he is going to be bad, ok, good, great? Which is it Fluckie? Why are you reccommended such a limited player to your readership? I am dissapointed in you Flukie.

  3. The Fantasy Flukie says:

    @AC – the title of the piece was “unknown” players with value….. maybe you should read 1st…. he is a fantasy unknown especially since shi**ng the bed last year. I brought him back to show people he is undervalued and not being drafted…..even if he is the #3 it is a pass first team. That gives him value….

    so you are not taking the bet? it shows that ou are afraid I am correct…. Mike Thomas VS Kevin Walter in PPR league….u on my faithful followeR?

  4. A C Slater says:

    Kevin Walter vs Mike Thomas
    Kevin Walter entered the leauge in 2003 with the Bengals in his first Four years that is right I said FOUR years he had 47 catches and 456 receiving yards and 1 TD.
    Mike Thomas in his rookie year alone on a “run first team” had 48 catches 453 receiving yards and 1 TD.
    Fantasy Flukie which player would you want? Which player has the UPSIDE? Fantasy Flukie you are wrong again.

  5. The Fantasy Flukie says:

    @ AC – I’m loving this….bring it. My fantasy knowledge and money is ready and waiting….where is yours?

  6. The Fantasy Flukie says:

    @ AC – maybe you need to read more then my site…walterfootball.com:

    Jacoby Jones, WR, Texans
    The Jacoby Jones hype is all but over. Jones wasn’t part of the first-team offense, as Gary Kubiak opted to use him as the punt returner instead. Kevin Walter was the featured No. 2 receiver, and Jones focused on offense primarily in the second half.

    • A C Slater says:

      Challange I would like to challange your wealth of knoweldge. Lets each pick 10 fantasy players and see who has a better year. All players listed will have to at least have be after 120 ADP. We each get 4 WR’s, 3 RB’s, 2 QB’s and 1 TE. PPR points and Return yardage and TD’s apply.

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