Don’t Shoot Your Load Before Week 1

We all want the perfect team. Get the best team possible to win the money- Obvious statement! The problem inherently lies in that we can “psych” ourselves out. For instance I spent the last 72 hours trying to trade one of my better players in Greg Jennings. I almost shot my load before the season even started!

Moving Jennings before seeing the fruits of his labor is moronic. Yes, I am officially calling myself a moron. Jennings put up 1100 yards and 4 TDs last year. We know that he is going to have an even better year in 2010. Moving him for a mid range WR and an upside RB would have been a poor decision. You have to ask yourself will a top 5 WR give you better numbers then a low WR2 and a upside RB1 who splits carries (Ochocinco and Shonn Greene in case you were wondering). The answer is a resounding yes! Stud WRs are in short supply in 2010. I hate to sound obvious but there are double the amount of stud RBs then WRs in fantasy 2010.

At this point in fantasy play EVERYONE thinks they have that “perfect team.” In reality we don’t know anything. We are all going off of 2009 numbers. As everyone knows players change, coaches change, and philosophies change. So my advice to all fantasy players is to sit back and evaluate your team before blowing up your nucleus. Feel free to tweak but major overalls in the preseason are pointless. How can you evaluate your talent if NO ONE HAS PLAYED YET?

Once 2 to 3 fantasy games our in the books teams will look to re balance their rosters. Injuries will occur and players will under or over perform. This is the time that you go for the kill. You gamble and take the risk/reward analysis to all new levels. The questions will surface whether player “x” is better then “y”. Doc over at razzball reiterates my overall premise constantly. It doesn’t matter what strategy you play as long as you stick to one. It drives me batty to see a fantasy player who can’t stick to a game plan.

When it comes to trades there are two major times to make moves. After a couple games owners panic and make moves. The other time you can load up is “at the trade deadline” which is different in every league. This may seem obvious to some of you and wildly foreign to others. The key to a successful fantasy season is not only excellent drafting but smart in season moves. Only if you master those two principals can you truly be a successful fantasy player. Feel free to run trades by my team. We will always give you our honest assessment.

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7 Responses to “Don’t Shoot Your Load Before Week 1”

  1. Seth Pollock says:

    Kudos to your Flukiness for realizing you were going to make a mistake BEFORE you made it and being man enough to admit it on here.

    I think most owners will appreciate your candor and honesty and maybe learn from it. If you keep just a handful of owners from blowing up their team before a single down of NFL game time is played, then you have will have done a great samaritan service with this blog entry.

    • A C Slater says:

      What does Samaritan mean? Arent you the guy who wrote 2 articles and have not written since then. I have a draft comming up in a couple weeks and I need to know the Tiers of Handculfs for WR, TE, and QB. Please get these articles up so I know who I should and should not draft. Plus can you update your running backs I need to know about B west now that Coffee is out of the picture.

  2. A C Slater says:

    Should I be more concerned about Percy Harvin or Sidney Rice? Which player should I target more in the draft V Shanico or Bernard Berrian?

  3. The Fantasy Flukie says:

    @AC: The Minnesota WRs are a tough call right now. My money is on Harvin. I’m not a huge fan of Berrian but I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you his stock is rising.

    Grab Harvin and Berrian if possible. Don’t overreach however…

    Harvin >Berrian>Rice>Shanico

  4. The Fantasy Flukie says:

    @ Seth: Thanks for the props…its appreciated. I hope that people listen. It was a bitter pill for me to swallow my own advice.

  5. Scott J Pachman says:

    Flukie, is this really advice or are you just bitter that you couldn’t pull the trigger on a deal to unload Jennings.

  6. fantasy flukie says:

    @scotty: its advice take it for what its worth…..did i almost trade jennings? Yes. i dont deny that

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