Terrell Owens has signed with the Bengals. Ocho Cinco and Owens on one team…. I cringe but look forward to the drama.

My first thought was whhhhheeewww it wasn’t with St. Louis. I only thought that because I picked up Laurent Robinson on a flier. You all may laugh but Laurent Robinson had  13 catches for 167 yards and one touchdown in the first 2 weeks of 2009. Of course then he managed to break his leg by week 3. You have to figure he will improve on those stats with Bradford at QB. The question is whether St Louis will allow the golden child to start or will we have to wade through the patheticness of AJ Feeley.

Back to the point at hand with TO. He best days are behind him. He is at best a #2 WR in fantasy and at worst a #3. Two cry babies on the same team leads to some HORRIBLE team dynamics and some watered down stats. I guess Cincy figures Marv Lewis has dealt with the likes of Ocho Cinco and RIP Chris Henry in the past and that he can handle another trouble maker. Carson Palmer isn’t getting and younger and Cedric Benson is one punch away from jail. Cincy figured lets put all the misfits on one team and recreate “The Longest Yard.” Only difference is Carson Palmer isn’t Burt Reynolds or Adam Sandler.

TO and Ocho will go too early in traditional drafts. Stay away from them if you know what is good for you. I say this with one caveat. If they fall into round 8-10 they may be worth a look.

PS – Welker landed on the PUP list. I know NE media says that he has looked good and may be activated by week 1. I’m leery of this situation and would also avoid.

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11 Responses to “TO TO TO TO! TO TO!”

  1. Seth Pollock says:

    I concur about not taking T.O. too early. I view him as a decent reserve with upside. Buyer beware on this one (but that’s not really new with T.O. is it?).

    On the field, I think he helps Ocho, but who knows what will happen if they start losing.

    Also, how long until VH1 covers the Bengals’ wide receivers in a new reality show? Will the title be “Endzone Celebrations” and feature the two trying to outdo each other in the ridiculous ways in which they celebrate scoring td’s?

  2. A C Slater says:

    Fanatsy Flucke Why would anyone take a flier on a noname receiver, let alone a big name receiver comming off an injury. When is the last time a receiver came back from a broken leg and played well the next year. I can only think of one and that is TO. Then you say Laurent Robinson, will be better with Bradford a rookie QB are you NUTS. Maybe in 2012.
    For all you fantasy people out there take a healthy old TO 1000 times out of 1000 over a unknown receiver comming off an injury with a rookie QB throwing to him.

  3. A C Slater says:

    Seth I am confused why would I not reach for TO if he is a good reserve with upside?

  4. Fantasy flukie says:

    @AC: How many receivers can you name other than TO that broke his leg?

    I concur TO will put up btr numbers then Laurent Robinson. But I wasn’t comparing the two. Laurent Robinson is just a flier pick. Giving folks ideas… What are you gonna recommend Harry Douglas?

    As for TO. His fantasy days are behind him…. I won’t touch him unless he falls REAL late in the draft…We know what TO is…we really don’t know what Laurent Robinson is…do we?

    • A C Slater says:

      Fantasy Fluckie why not recommend a wide receiver who will be playing with a decent QB not a rookie. I will name a few for you Mike Thomas, Kenny Britt and that Tate guy in NE.

      We know that Laurent Robinson will suck this year see comments above for reasons why.

      Last Time I checked fanatsy Fluckie Hairy Douglas is comming of an injury so you can read my last comments above as to why I would not take him.

      And Finally to your last point If TO’s fantasy days are behind him why bother drafting him at ALL when great players like Laurent Robinson will be there?

      • fantasy flukie says:

        AC i heart u my man!

        Mike Thomas and Kenny Britt- they don’t have good QB’s.

        Tate is a deep sleeper same as Robinson. I place them at equal value. Let’s not forget that WRs on crap teams get garbage points bc the team has to throw the whole 2nd half to attempt to make a game of it. That was half the reason Mike Sims-Walker had 700 yards last year.

        Seth’s made a great point on TO…no need for me to recap…

      • A C Slater says:

        Fantasy Fluckie
        Point one
        Mike Thomas and Kenny Britt have decent QB’s not a rookie like Robinson
        Point two
        Tom Brady is not Sam Bradford
        Point three
        If you are a big believer in crap points look no further then Danny amendola. If you are in a league that rewards PPR and special teams points then that is your man
        Point four

  5. A C Slater says:

    Seth I am confused as to why you have not answered my question yet?

  6. Seth Pollock says:

    Sorry, Slater, I was too busy making out with your gf Jessie Spano.

    I think I answered your question in my initial comment. I view TO as a decent reserve with upside, but then I said, “buyer beware.” I would take TO as my 5th WR in leagues where you start 2-3 and only if my other players are pretty sold and don’t have questions swirling around them.

    TO is only an injury to Ocho away from starting in a pretty decent offense. I see him doing a little better in PPR leagues too. He did catch 55 balls last year on a pretty godawful Bills team.

    All of that being said, taking TO is not for the faint of heart, so only do so if you have confidence in the rest of your bench. If some other owner wants to reach for him, let that guy have him.

    If anything, I think this helps Ocho’s value more as defenses will have to account for Owens.

    • A C Slater says:

      Seth, I am confused if I have a good bench I should take TO because he will just sit there and Rot? Or is TO a good player who I can play over my other good bench players?
      You can have my Spano sloppy seconds I am all about the Turtle.

  7. Fantasy flukie says:

    AC….u da man! I love the fact you challenge my greatness on a daily basis! Well As for your boy DEvin A….. this is what my boy Doc says over at razzball….take it for what it is.. i’ll have more topics to debate tomorrow (the numbers are his ADP):

    :Devin Aromashodu: ESPN – 138.2, FFC – 81.3, MDC – 84.95: So, who is the man in Chicago? These numbers aren’t going to tell you and I kind of doubt Mike Martz will either. I was high on Aromashodu until Martz kept Hester out wide and named Knox the #2 during OTAs. Knox is probably more skilled than both Hester and Shodu, but Cutler does like Shodu in the red zone because of his size. Hester probably would work better in the slot, but with the money they are paying him they want him showcased out wide. I have a feeling he’ll be in the slot by mid-season. All three have a different skill set and can all be on the field at the same time in Martz’s system, so I’m not giving up on any of them. Which means I won’t mind grabbing whoever falls the furthest in drafts. I think they’ll all put up ok numbers with each having a lot of upside”

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