Win Your Fantasy Football League On Draft Day

For fantasy football players, there is no day more important or exciting than draft day. Draft day comes around once a year and it is like a Christmas where you get to pick your own presents. Have you ever had a bad Christmas where you didn’t get what you want? Well, on fantasy football draft day you get to pick your prizes. Still, despite how fun it is people lose sight of how important preparation can be. Today we are walking you through a few core points to heed as you prepare for your fantasy football draft.

Understand Positional Discrepancy
This first point sounds like something pulled from a mathematics book, but still — pay attention! All positions on the fantasy football roster are not created equally. Typically quarterbacks score the most points during the season and tight ends the fewest, at least out of the starters in the league. Does this mean you should draft a QB in the first round? No. Because of the positional discrepancy. There are 30+ QBs every week that can fill up your box score and only 12 of them are going to playing, depending on your league size. That means you have 18+ options floating around at any given time to turn to. Focus instead on getting running backs and wide receivers because these positions are the most used during the year. QB and TE can wait.

Draft Best Player Available
This is ‘coach-speak’ pulled straight out of real life football drafts. Don’t get caught up in positional runs during the fantasy draft. If 9 people pick a kicker in the first round are you going to grab one at the 10 spot? No, always draft for best player available — regardless of position. You want fantasy points in droves. Nobody ever had too many amazing receivers or running backs. Eventually you can flip your extra talent to fill positional needs during the regular season.

Mock Draft, Mock Draft, Mock Draft
There is no such thing as too much research and you definitely cannot practice enough. Many fantasy platforms allow you to engage in mock drafts where you pick your league settings and pick your draft position. Do a number of mock drafts in the week leading up to your real life draft. Doing so will allow you to see where certain players are going while also giving you the chance to see how your strategy works in real life. While you mock draft you will get a feel for the flow and have the opportunity to get out all of your fantasy draft jitters before it REALLY counts.

Don’t Limit Yourself
Fantasy football is such a fun and dynamic game that we forget how quickly it goes away every year. We only really get 14 weeks of fun fantasy football every season. Play in your season long leagues but don’t be afraid of trying something new. Daily fantasy sports have risen in popularity over the past couple of years and we highly suggest checking them out. A new fantasy football website called DRAFT has introduced the biggest innovation in the DFS market with their player snake draft. Instead of selecting based on a salary, like the older DFS sites, you can instead pick your team like a regular fantasy draft — thus improving your chances of winning.

What Big Fantasy Baseball Names Will be On the Move Come the Trade Deadline?

Baseball is into the nitty gritty of the Summer, and while there’s plenty of baseball left to be played in most fantasy leagues, there’s also the upcoming trade deadline that is going to change around teams and change many World Series odds.

One player that fantasy teams want to keep an eye on is Sonny Gray, who is still at this moment with the Oakland A’s, but likely will be heading elsewhere.

One team with their eyes on Gray is the Milwaukee Brewers, leaders in the NL Central. Gray knows all about the Brew Crew, as he pitched three years for Brewers pitching coach Derek Johnson at Vanderbilt.

“There’s an old saying, “Be careful what you wish for because you may get it,’’ Brewers owner Mark Attanasio said on Sunday. “If you love your prospects too much, maybe that’s an issue, also. We have to make the right move, either way.’’

Gray is also getting plenty of looks from the Cleveland Indians who need a pitcher in the worst way, as well as the Houston Astros, who are easily running away with the AL West.

Left-handed reliever Justin Wilson, outfielder J.D. Martinez and catcher Alex Avila are all likely to be on the move for the Detroit Tigers, who despite being only a handful of games back in the AL Central are basically going into fire sale mode.

Three teams seem to have their eyes on Martinez, who is a quality outfielder, that being the Dodgers, Red Sox and Arizona Diamondbacks.

Don’t be surprised to see Martinez have a new home by the trade deadline, and for Detroit to admit that they have to get young in a hurry, and try to grab as many prospects as they can for their players

Finally there’s the case of White Sox slugger Todd Frazier, who is getting plenty of looks from the Boston Red Sox, a team that needs a third baseman after their monster mistake of giving $95 million to Pablo Sandoval, who is already gone from the organization.

Right now they are going with Brock Holt and Deven Marrero, but Frazier is a nice player who can fill a monster void for this team, and also can be a big key in a playoff race as the Red Sox try and hold off the Yankees in the AL East.

Is Targeting High Players from High Profile Teams Always a Good Idea?

The NFL season is closing in more and more every day, and with it fantasy football fans are looking at various NFL odds to see what teams are going to be at or near the top for the 2017 season.

There’s always the same set of question marks year after year with fantasy football, and that’s talking about if fantasy experts are really right in going after high profile players on high profile teams.

Usually the most successful teams are the ones able to balance some big name players, but also ones that can find players on lower teams that, after all, need to have good players.

While teams like the Cleveland Browns, New York Jets, and Los Angeles Rams are all expected to be near the bottom of their divisions in 2017, there’s still some solid players on each team that you have to take a look at.

This doesn’t mean that you should simply take good players on bad teams, it just means be smart when you are looking around the league at a diverse mix of players from all 32 NFL teams.

While it’s always great to have a player like Tom Brady or Ezekiel Elliott, don’t forget that there’s a good chance that when it counts the most, in your leagues title week, that the Pats and Cowboys won’t be playing their stars as they will probably have their divisions wrapped up and will sit their stars (for a least 2-3 quarters).

The NFL is a vast land with players all over the place that can be of value for you. You need to make sure that you look at all 32 teams, make right and fair assessments and not be in love with nothing more than players from the top 3-4 teams from around the league.

There’s value in those bad teams as well, just make sure you do your homework and find them.

Three Fantasy Sleepers to Keep an Eye on with 2017 Fantasy Drafts Getting Closer

It’s that time of the year again when fantasy football players start to look around at possible players that could fit their roster late with high potential – in other words or in fantasy land, these players are known as ‘sleepers.’

When you look at football odds this season, you want to try to focus on players from good teams with high-powered offenses that could wind up scoring a lot of points.

Those teams around the league include (in no set order), the Patriots, Raiders, Cowboys, Packers, Steelers and Seahawks.

There’s going to be a number of great players sitting in mid to late rounds when you focus on those sleeper picks, and today we take a look at three that you might want to keep an eye on as players that can help your squad in a big way in 2017.

RB Rex Burkhead, New England Patriots

Burkhead is probably a player you have heard of, but don’t know all that much about. He’s now on one of, if not the best offensive team in the NFL in the Patriots, and he’s going to have a lot of chances for touches, with plenty being down by the goal line.

The Pats do have a number of backs in Mike Gillislee, James White and Dion Lewis, but Burkhead is a player who has a number of skill sets that can separate him from the rest, and he’s a player that can easily slip through the cracks in most fantasy leagues till double digit rounds.

WR Michael Floyd, Minnesota Vikings

People have been waiting for Floyd to stay out of trouble and do something headline worthy on the field, which hopefully will happen in 2017 with the Minnesota Vikings.

The Vikings still have plenty of offensive question marks with a new look run game and the hopeful return of Teddy Bridgewater at quarterback, and Floyd could take advantage of those situations with a big season.

Don’t forget Floyd is just 27, and in 2013 he posted a 1,000-yard campaign with the Arizona Cardinals, and could be the teams’ deep threat in 2017.

Again, sit back and wait, but by rounds 9-10 Floyd could be on the board and be a steal.

WR Zay Jones, Buffalo Bills

Jones with pick number 37 in the NFL Draft in April, and he could have a big impact on a Buffalo team who needs players to catch the football on a consistent basis.

Right now there’s not much competition for Jones in Buffalo for playing time, meaning that he could be one of the top options for the team from a receiver standpoint from day one.

The Bills lose Robert Woods and Marquise Goodwin in free agency, and expect to have Jones very much in the mix to pull in passes in 2017 and make a solid impact for the AFC East’s darkhorse.

Patriots Again to Enter 2017 as the Favorite to Take Home Super Bowl LII

The Super Bowl is still in the rear view mirror for most NFL fans, and what a Super Bowl it was. The New England Patriots, left for dead by almost everyone after 45 minutes of play, rallied for the most craziest comeback in NFL history, overcoming a 25-point deficit to beat the NFC Champion Atlanta Falcons to win the game eventually in overtime 34-28.

Now that the big game is over and 2016 is totally in the books, it’s never too early to start looking at 2017, and the Super Bowl betting odds that are already being set and where Vegas has the 32 teams around the NFL sitting to become champions already for Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis.

Right off the bat the champion New England Patriots will enter next season with 5-1 odds to win the Super Bowl. They are a young team with plenty of talent, and any team with Tom Brady at quarterback and Bill Belichick on the sidelines is going to be tough to beat.

The Dallas Cowboys, who were the number one seed in the NFC this past season despite losing in their first playoff game to the Green Bay Packers, are number two on the list at 10-1. Like the Pats, they are young and have two great rookies that should get them right back to the promise land of the postseason.

Third on the list are the runner-ups in the AFC from this past season, the Pittsburgh Steelers, who come in at 10-1 as well. The black and gold won two playoff games against the Dolphins and Chiefs, but were blown out in the AFC Title game by the Pats. They are still a very good team with Big Ben, Le’Veon Bell and Antonio Brown, and should challenge New England for the top spot in the AFC.

Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers come in next at 12-1, they are a team that again is chock full of talent, but again didn’t play well at all in the NFC Title game and were blown out by the Atlanta Falcons. With all the pieces and parts in Lambeau, count on the Packers being a tough out in the NFC again in 2017.

The Seahawks are 12-1 as well to win the Super Bowl, and again in a tough NFC, they are a team that can still make plenty of noise. Their defense took a slight step back in 2016, but don’t count them out, as they are a hard team to beat, more so at home. They were overwhelmed by the Falcons in the NFC Divisional Playoff game, but will be back in 2017.

The final team at 16-1 is that of the NFC Champion Atlanta Falcons, a surprise given the title was in their grasp in Houston in Super Bowl LI, and they simply couldn’t finish. The Falcons still have a high flying offense that will give other teams in the NFC issues, but as usual repeating in the NFC is going to be very tough to do.

Who to Play in Super Bowl LI When it Comes to One-Day Fantasy Games

The Super Bowl is next weekend, and it’s the last chance of the year for people to jump on sites like FanDuel and Draft Kings in order to try and make some money for the last time in the 2016 NFL season.

While it’s going to be a long couple of months until opening day 2017, there’s plenty to be excited about in terms of the last game of the season, with the New England Patriots in most books like fun88 being three-point favorites over the NFC reps the Atlanta Falcons.

While there’s only two quarterbacks to choose from in the biggest game on earth, there’s plenty of other players that could score you some bucks in the last game of the season.

Today we give you a quick rundown of the players we think you should look for, and what surprise players we think should be able to cross the goal line in Super Bowl LI on Sunday, February 5th.

First off, if there’s a QB to take, you have to take Tom Brady. He’s an experienced Super Bowl quarterback, and there’s no doubt while Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan has the wide out edge, you have to take Brady as it doesn’t seem to matter who is catching passing for him, he’s going to find a way to get to 300 plus yards and at least three touchdowns in the game.

As far as a couple surprise players, here’s some players to be on the lookout for in the game next weekend.

Chris Hogan WR Patriots – He may not be a surprise after the big game he had against the Steelers in the AFC Title Game, but look for Hogan to still be a go-to guy that Brady will look for, and we can see him catch 7-8 passes for 125 yards and at least one score from Brady, who seemed to look for Hogan all too often in the win over Pittsburgh.

Taylor Gabriel WR Falcons – This former Cleveland Browns receiver has been a huge part of the Falcons offense this season, and even though he at times has had drops, he can still make a big impact, as he’s been a big target of Matt Ryan this season for Atlanta. Gabriel is a good second or third option for the Falcons and should get plenty of looks Sunday.

Martellus Bennett TE Patriots – With no Rob Gronkowski, the Pats will have another tight end option in Martellus Bennett, who has filled in nicely this year. Look again for Brady to take a look near the goal line for the backup TE, and if the team gets into a pinch, look for a score or two for the Pats TE.

Fantasy Starts for Week 11 in Fantasy Football

Jamison Crowder

It’s hard to believe it’s already week 11 of the Fantasy football season, but now it’s crunch time as teams are looking to make the leap to the playoffs, or stay in their race in many of their leagues.

Today here’s some players to look to start for week 11 starting tonight with the Panthers and Saints.


QB Marcus Mariota Titans

Mariota has been red hot at the QB spot as of late, going off for at least 20 Fantasy points in six games in a row, including at least 30 points in four of those outings. This week he’s going up against the Colts, and should be able to hit about 20-23 points, which means he again is a good start in Fantasy, as the last time he played Indy back in week seven, he threw for 232 yards and two scores with 14 rushing yards.

RB Jonathan Stewart Panthers

The Panthers lead rusher starts the week tonight against the Saints, a team that has issues stopping the run. He’s been solid against the Saints, with at least 80 yards and a touchdown in three of his past four meetings, which should serve him well in the game this evening against New Orleans. The Saints are among the league leaders with 14 touchdowns allowed to running backs this season. Look for Stewart to have a good night this evening.

WR Jamison Crowder Redskins

Even if the Redskins get DeSean Jackson back this week, that shouldn’t mean anything for Crowder, who should be able to put up points against the Packers secondary. Sunday against the Vikings, Crowder had four catches for 37 yards and a touchdown, and he’s on a good pace with a touchdown in five games this season. He should have good success against a Green Bay secondary that allowed four touchdown passes last week to Titans QB Marcus Mariota.

TE Martellus Bennett Patriots

Bennett will be the go-to guy this week as Rob Gronkowski is out for the Pats. Since Tom Brady has been back in the Pats lineup, Bennett has been up and down like those that can play Australian games online, catching three TD’s against the Browns, and in three games against the Seahawks, Bengals and Steelers basically doing nothing. We’re willing to bet that this week as the number one guy he will have a big week, and should put up good numbers against the Niners, a team that’s won one game.

Defense Steelers at Browns

The only winless team in the NFL has another tough task this week taking on a Steelers team that is none too happy about losing four in a row. The Browns have allowed eight sacks in the past two games with just 17 points scored, and this week should be much of the same, as the Steelers should be able to take advantage of the Browns woeful offensive line, and the Steelers love to pick on their AFC North rival and should be able to do it with sacks and maybe even a defensive score Sunday.

Who to Sit and Who to Start: NFC Title Game Arizona at Carolina


The NFC Title game is the final step for the Cards and Panthers as they try to get the honor of being the NFC rep in Super Bowl 50. There’s some fantasy implications with the game, and today we take a look at how to start and how to sit for both teams.


Carson Palmer should have a decent day throwing, the weather is expected to be good for the early evening game, and he’s going to have the luxury of throwing to some good wide outs, one of which – Larry Fitzgerald, is having a monster year and a huge rebound season with the Cardinals. He’s another start for Arizona, as with Charles Tillman out, look for the Cards to air it out early and often as they try to build a lead. Cards kicker Chandler Catanzaro should kick at least two to three field goals in the game also, make him a start as well.

Sit: Running back David Johnson is going to have a rough time with the Panthers D, a good run stuffing D that should keep him in check. Don’t fall for the hype of playing him as there’s going to be better options in the first game as well as with the Panthers and Jonathan Stewart who we will hit on in a bit. Cardinals Defense is going to be hard pressed to have a big day, as Cam’s scrambling ability will limit sacks.


Start: Jonathan Stewart is the toughest runner in the league right now, and he should have a decent day against a Cards D that can be run against. Start him and watch him rack up about 100 yards as well a touchdown or two in what should be a high scoring affair. Ted Ginn Jr. is a sleeper, but I think he will put up some good numbers for Cam and company. Ginn is a guy that can have a breakaway play or two that can give fantasy owners some great points in the big game.

Sit: Cam Newton. Sorry, I know he’s going to be NFL MVP (or should be), but in this game I think the Cards pass defense with Patrick Peterson should be able to keep Newton for the most part in check. Cam is going to need to find a way to create, and that’s not going to be easy as you can bet the Cards defense is coming up with a game plan to make sure to keep the Panthers QB in check. Graham Gano is another player you need to sit for this NFC Title game.

So there you have it, a huge game with everything on the line, as the two teams do battle for the right to allow their fans to have the enjoyment all each super bowl commercial 2016 at the biggest game on planet earth!