Lenovo Launches Comedy Fantasy Football Series

NFL sponsor Lenovo announced the launch of its comedy fantasy football video series Fantasy Online College (FOC). The digital show, which can be seen at www.lenovo.com/NFL, stars eight star NFL players and comedian J.B. Smoove – with Smoove as the chancellor of the fictional FOC and Odell Beckham, Jr., Jamaal Charles, Eric Decker, Matt Forte, Pierre Garçon, Eddie Lacy, DeMarco Murray and Demaryius Thomas as the school’s professors.

The FOC faculty’s focus: how to help their students improve their fantasy football skills. But the students soon find that their fantasy education is less about statistics and setting lineups, and more about verbally one-upping the competition and personal branding.

The first two videos are titled “Recruitment” and “Fantasy Hero.” In “Recruitment,” an explanation of the entire series – in the vein of a typical campus-visit sales video – athletes appear as teachers in the classroom setting, all with special titles playing off their on-field personalities, including the former college track star, Charles, as professor of Advanced Velocity and Acceleration Studies and the high-flying Beckham, Jr. as Senior Professor, Aeronautic Miracles. In “Fantasy Hero,” a student falls asleep in class, and as part of an inspirational dream montage joins the players in dressing up as hair band-style ‘80s-era rockers, playing air guitar, doing some choreographed dancing, all in the hopes of pushing the student to do his fantasy best.

Lenovo will also have a major product and experiential giveaway component to their FOC campaign. This includes: a Grand Sweepstakes (Aug. 24-Jan. 3; trip for two to the Pro Bowl, including sideline access and coach meet and greets); Instant Wins slot machine called Lenovo’s Slot Receiver (Aug. 24-Jan. 17; select autograph merchandise from FOC athletes); Bi-Monthly Quizzes called F.A.T.s, or Fantasy Achievement Tests (Sept. 21-Oct. 19; Nov. 16-Nov. 30; Dec. 28-Jan. 17; select autograph merchandise) – as well as Monthly Challenges.

Baseball Fights Up, But Why?


The Kansas City Royals recently became the poster child for fighting in baseball this year. They have been in 3 different fights so far in 2015, and we are not even one month into the regular season. In fact, brawls in baseball are up in general. The question is, why are more teams looking to pick fights than usual?

Unlike hockey, baseball has never really been able to embrace fighting in the sport. Sure, benches will clear and entire teams will go at it for the better, but it usually results in multiples suspensions later on. Kansas City seems to be playing with a chip on their shoulder this year, and that has led to them being in quite a few different fights.

A lot of focus has been put on the code of ethics in baseball. There are unwritten rules people are forced to follow to make sure that no one gets intentionally thrown at. Speaking of which, that seems to be the main culprit when it comes to a fight between two teams. Throwing a little too close to someone, or worse, hitting the wrong player, can lead to retaliation and an all-out brawl.

Baseball doesn’t seem to think it has a major fighting problem just yet, and it certainly hasn’t become an epidemic. A few players each time are forced to miss some time in daily fantasy baseball, but all in all it isn’t a huge deal. In fact, some fans believe it brings a bit of energy to the game. As rivalries and grudges continue to form, there could be more fighting during the dog days of summer. After all, during those hot months, that is when fighting seems to take over a bit more. Do not be surprised if that ends up being the case in 2015.

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America’s Obsession With Fantasy Football (Infographic)

Infographic courtesy of TurboTax.com

(Free) Agents of Change

It seems to be the consensus that football is now a year-round sport. The season no longer ends at the last whistle of the Super Bowl. We (ESPN, sports radio, struggling news papers and football blogs and websites…) now have turned free agency, trades, the draft, and mini-camps all into grand events. Where we study and break down every move and everything is a developing story. Ever feeding the beast that is the NFL.

So my thought is, “why can’t fantasy football be included in all this fun?” Taking away or giving a QB weapons, trading a diva WR to a team he is more happy playing for, sureing-up an O or D line can make or break fantasy players and their production for you.  And is it really too early to start your scouting for this season? For NFL teams scouting is a 24/7-365 kind of thing, so then it becomes how serious are you about your team?

If your answer is “very”, then keep reading. If your answer is “I just pick who ever Yahoo says is the best available when it’s my turn to pick!” then just start working on your funny team name, because that’s what really matters, right?

Now let’s talk Quarterbacks, starting with free agency and how it may affect production for our cornerstone position. You’ll learn over time that I think the quarterback, NOT the running back, is the most important position on your fantasy team.



Who benefited from FA moves:


Josh Freeman: For someone who all the “experts” said was going to be a fantasy god, he was anything but in 2011. They have the offense, even before adding Vincent Jackson, for him to put up some serious numbers. So there should be no excuse in 2012, other than he just can’t cut it. Vincent Jackson, being a fantasy god himself, very well could be the saving grace Freeman needs.

Christian Ponder: His biggest issue is his team’s health. I think he has the ability, he just needs the people around him to… be around him. The addition of Jerome Simpson (Your friendly neighborhood professional-football –playing, front-flip flipping, marijuana dealing kingpin) and a solid TE in John Carlson are nothing but upgrades for the young QB. Like a lot of QBs on this list, he has the weapons; he just needs to take advantage.

Tom Brady: (Written before Wes Welker has signed any sort of contract leading up to the 2012 season.) Giving Tom Brady veteran wide receivers is like giving James Bond a loaded PPK, or Guy Fieri some chicken wings and hair bleach. They know how to use it, and use it well. With the addition of Brandon Lloyd and Donte Stallworth, retaining Deon Branch, and an Ochocinco who is so tame he may rise from the ashes like a un-diva’ed phoenix named Chad Johnson, Brady is poised to have another stellar year. Or he’ll be driving the bus straight to the retirement home to drop off half of his offense, and maybe The Hoodie as well…

Alex Smith: The 9ers are in a position to win, and they want to win now. The said sorry to Alex for trying to holler at Payton Manning by paying him more than he was looking for and then brought him Brandon Jacobs and Mario Manningham, both good players. The loss of Josh Morgan may sting, but Manningham should make up for it and then some. Mario as a number 1 could be deadly.

Matt Flynn: Matt is finally going to get his chance to average 4.5 TDs and 1 INTs a game as a starter for the first time in his career. The Seahawks are defense first, but they certainly have a formidable offense (on paper). I don’t expect 75 touchdowns this season, but he will be a solid starter along the lines of Alex Smith production.

Michael Vick: Only DeSean Jackson can answer this. Wills the $9mil from his franchise-tag make him happy? $9mil would make anyone happy. Will $9mil make him willing to throw his 5’10 175lbs frame around to make his big plays? I think he, and everyone else knows, he’s one meeting with an IMLB across the middle away from having a life changing experience.  Make him happy, and Vick will jump 10-12 (fantasy) points a game just from the big play ability of D-Jack. Not to mention the room he needs to run when he feels like making his owners very happy.

Jay Cutler: Here was a pleasant surprise last year until his untimely injury that threw a wrench in a much improved fantasy year for Jay. With the amount of run-stopped respect you have to pay to Matt Forte, and the addiction of his old friend Brandon Marshall, you have the makings of a solid year from Cutler. BUT, always be aware of his habit of mentally shutting down when the going gets tough. I don’t question his heart or ability, but he seems to lack the comeback leadership and decision making to throw his team back into a game. He certain does have the ability to throw his team out of it though.

Blaine Gabert: Laurent Robinson is a huge win here, and I think can do big things. He and Blackmon will battle for that number 1 spot, and could very well be a 1 and 1A. My only concern here is whether or not Gabert is an NFL starter… I don’t think he is.

Payton Manning: His big FA move was… moving. He’s on a team who wants him, in a city who’s embracing him, and an organization who wants to win NOW. It’s Big Brother Payton, he has the Midas touch with fantasy football (when healthy). My biggest issue is whether or not he sleeps on his neck wrong and ends up on the IR week 4.



Who was hurt by FA moves:


Drew Brees:  If anything his biggest issue going into this year is the loss of his head coach and BFF, Sean Payton. Bounty-gate turned the Saints into sinners, and has hung a dark cloud over the Super Dome. Not to mention his own contract disputes (Pay the man, already.) and we haven’t even touched the addictions or subtractions from FA. No real loss or gain on the offensive side of the ball here. The loss of Robert Meachem would be somewhat significant on many teams, but I feel like Brees could be throwing to 3rd graders and still pass for 4,000 yards. The system is designed to turn anyone with hands into a star, so this year it’s really going to be whether or not he can get over these mental hurdles set in place during the off season.

Ben Roethlisberger: Sign Mike Wallace or be ready for a rough year.

Cam Newton: The loss of Legedu Naanee is a minor one for such a unique Quarterback as Newton, and there were some considerations from the draft that we will get into when we cover the draft and its effect later. The big issue I see here is the addition of Mike “Goal Line” Tolbert. The thick, 5’9 running back does have hands and shows he can catch well out of the back field, but I have a feeling he’s going to be that “inside the 5” back Cam was last year. With 3 quality backs, the Panthers aren’t going to be shy about jamming the ball down people’s throats but chances are they will want their franchise QB to be less in harm’s way in and out of the pile near the end zone. With all of that being said, Cam is going to get his, so this should all be taken with a grain of salt.

Phillip Rivers: V-Jack > E-Roy, R-Meach, M-Spur. D-u-n, done.

Ryan Fitzpatrick: The loss of Choice in the back field, as well as Parrish out-wide, this is a make or break season of this QB and his featured wide-outs David Nelson and Stevie Johnson. It’s hard to say he was HURT by FA losses, but he certainly wasn’t given help. This is really more of a “can he get it done” than anything else. He still has the weapons, he just needs to pull the trigger and keep the ball out of the other team’s hands. Otherwise, watch out for Alex Tanney… I’m calling it now.

Joe Flaco: Ray Rice carries this team (and him), and right now he doesn’t know if he’s going to training camp. He needs to jump on that Ray-Rice-needs-to-get-paid bandwagon so he can keep getting his ‘8 pass attempts a game’ in.

Mark Sanchez: Man crush alert. Here’s the thing… Tim Tebow is going to do one of two things; Spark a fire in Mark (we’re on a first name basis) and we’re going to see him live up to those New York expectations or he will be nailed to a cross. The later has 2:1 odds right now.


If a QB isn’t listed, either their team didn’t make a move to improve their offensive weapons, or didn’t lose anyone to FA that would make a change over last year’s performance. Draft picks aren’t mentioned here, for the most part, and will have their own post later in the week.




Did I miss someone? Disagree? Let me know and comment below!



Top 4 Projected Players at QB, RB, and WR (Week 15)

The projected top 4 performers at RB, QB, and WR for Week 15



CHRIS JOHNSON (TEN): Though Johnson was far from exceptional last week he faces a far from exceptional defense this week. The Colts are 30th against the run, yielding an average of 144 yards per game and 18 rushing touchdowns on the season. Regardless of who is at quarterback, Johnson should have no problem incorporating himself into both the pass and run games. The Colts have all but given up and are collecting checks at this point. They start out with fire but it is easy to quench that fire once down. CJ2K is as good a start as you will get this week.

ARIAN FOSTER (HOU): Foster had a dud by his standards last week but like CJ gets a great match up this week against Carolina. The Panthers are 24th vs. the run, allowing 128 YPG with 15 scores on the year. The interior line for Carolina has been less impressive with each week and fits Foster’s strengths perfectly. Their secondary is underrated and should be able to make it a tougher game for Yates which means Foster will see plenty of touches.

FELIX JONES (DAL): The injury to Demarco Murray opens the door once again for Jones to display why he was expected to win the job in the first place. After an injury riddled season, Jones is finally healthy and faces the hapless Bucs. The Bucs are far form the Giants defensive front which allowed Jones a 100+ total yard day. Tampa has allowed 19 rushing scores on the season and are beyond vulnerable in the middle. The Bucs are down to second stringers and Haynesworth, who is not the greatest run stopper. The Bucs will also be without Aquib Talib, which means more EJ Biggers, leaving the linebackers to try and chase down Jones all day…Not happening for a defense ranked 28th against the run and flaming out.

BEANIE WELLS (ARI): The Browns are great at stopping the pass but absolutely miserable against the run, ranking 31st and allowing 150 YPG. Every team has been able to pound the rock against their front with success, despite the Browns knowing exactly has opposing offense are going to attack them. Add to that the fact Colt McCoy may not be available (as anemic as he has been) and the Browns should lose the possession battle by a large margin. Wells will have plenty of touches and no problem finding the end zone a few times.


MARQUES COLSTON (NO): The Minnesota secondary has been adept at getting torched this year, allowing 248 YPG passing and 26 touchdowns through the air. Brees and the Saints are coming off a sub par performance and nothing sparks Brees like not being at his best. Ponder has also been averaging a turnover once every 15 attempts so Brees is likely to have the ball in his hands way too long which means good things for Colston.

JORDY NELSON (GB): With Greg Jennings set to miss 2-6 weeks, Nelson becomes the big play receiver. Though the Chiefs are decent against the pass (10th) the last time they faced an offense like this was New England which ripped them for 34 points. 

CALVIN JOHNSON (DET): Megatron has now gone 2 straight games without a score and faces Oakland’s 17th ranked secondary. The Raiders have allowed 23 scores through the air compared to only 14 on the ground. Though the Raiders have clamped down the last few games, the offense has been turnover prone and Detroit knows how to capitalize off turnovers. Stafford will ensure Megatron gets his targets, especially given the Raiders should have no problem stopping the run.

WES WELKER (NE): Welker has averaged double digit targets the last three games and faces a Denver team which is 16th vs. the pass. Denver has only been torched twice, both by gunslingers Stafford and Rodgers. Brady is next in line and should have no problem connecting with Welker as Gronkowski will be the primary focus. Welker has caught 3 scores in three games with no less than 85 yards in each. 


TOM BRADY (NE): As stated above, Brady is the best quarterback the Broncos will have seen since Matt Stafford who threw for 3 scores and Aaron Rodger who threw for 4 scores. The Pats have had huge issues running the ball recently and will sling it around the field once again.

TONY ROMO (DAL): Romo draws the unlucky Bucs who allowed 7 turnovers last week, making Blaine Gabbert look like a decent NFL quarterback. Romo has been gaining confidence and has been letting it loose his last few games. The Bucs are a miserable 27th vs. the pass, allowing 22 touchdowns and a whopping 45 passes of 20+ yards this season. Now with Demarco Murray out, the emphasis will be on the pass to set up the run. Romo now has all his weapons back out wide so it will be easy pickings this week.

DREW BREES (NO): As state with the Colston pick, Brees has one of the best match ups this week and looks to bounce back after an average performance last week. Though he did get back on track the second half, Minnesota offers nothing close to the coverage abilities of the Titans. The Vikings have allowed 26 scores through the air and are ranked 26th in pass defense.

MATT STAFFORD (DET): Like Brees and Manning, Stafford also has one of the most favorable match ups which is why Megatron also landed on this list. After hitting a rough patch, Stafford put up 2 touchdowns against the Vikings last week and now faces the Raiders 17th ranked secondary. 

What Happened Sunday and a Look Ahead (Week 15)

Demarco Murray fractured and sprained his ankle in last night’s loss, officially ending his season. Hopefully you were savvy enough to stash Felix Jones, who takes over lead back duties and has a very nice match up against the Bad News Bucs next week.

Greg Jennings suffered a knee sprain yesterday and the Packers are being mum on the severity. Bottom line is they are unlikely to risk him come the playoffs so expect him done for your playoffs. Ryan Grant had a return to glory with 2 scores and now faces the Chiefs who are in disarray. While I wouldn’t recommend starting him based off one game, he does make an interesting play if Starks also misses this week as well.

Coach Todd Haley was fired today and Coach Tony Sparano is expected to be fired at the end of the season.

Matt Moore will be undergoing concussion tests so it’s a possibility he won’t be available this week.

Now that Tim Tebow has proven his talent is far from a fluke, John Elway himself promised to help the quarterback this off season. After the Prater field goal to tie you could see Elway in his box shaking his head in disbelief. I’ve bought into the kid since he was at Florida, but this was supposed to be a defense which silenced him. The Bears did, but Tebow was able to once again do his thing in the 4th quarter. Demaryius Thomas has taken over as the receiver you want to have on this team. Given injuries to other big names and his resurgence of late there is a solid chance he is laying around the waiver wire. Get him or Eric Decker now. Against the Pats next week which made Florida alum Rex Grossman look good, Tebow and his receivers should do well. Willis McGahee is also poised to have a monster game next week. At home, against one of the weakest defenses, all Broncos are a solid play week 15.

Ben Roethlisberger was diagnosed with a grade one sprain, so it is likely with a week + of rest and some pain killers he will be a go next week.

Say goodbye to Raheem Morris and the Bucs “youngry” movement. The only trustworthy player on this team is Legarrette Blount who did well on Sunday posting 74 yards and a score also fumbled twice. Josh Freeman and Mike Williams are worthy of a risk in keeper leagues but forget using them if you made it to the second round of the playoffs.

Get ready for Drew Brees, Marques Colston, and all your other Saints against the Vikings secondary week 15. It is still too early to know the status of Mark Ingram next week but the Vikings secondary is among the weakest and Brees is likely to bounce back big after an below average performance against the Titans.

Though much will be made about Mark Sanchez’ 4 score performance, look at the numbers…They are no different than previous weeks and he was able to sneak in two short runs. Bottom line is he is still struggling and dragging down the values of Santonio Holmes and Plaxico Burress. In his wake however Shonn Greene has excelled in nearly every aspect of his game and is getting stronger. He will be a must play against an Eagles defense which has struggled vs. the run and is playing to their potential vs. the pass.

After Kevin Kolb exited with a “head” injury, John Skelton propelled the Cards to their biggest win of the season. Though it will be quick to expect great things next week, Fitz and company have a very tough match up against the Browns top ranked secondary. Beanie Wells on the other hand will have a great day ahead of him after being silenced against the Niners yesterday.

The Lions offense had a return to glory against the Vikings and that should continue against the hapless Raiders week 15. If you are hurting at WR see ifTitus Young is available in your league and scoop him up. He was tied for most targets Sunday (7) and has taken over for Nate Burleson. Routt, the Raiders best corner is likely to hover around Megatron all day and though Calvin will get his, there will be plenty more opportunities for Young andPettigrew. Kevin Smith should also be close to making a return so prepare to start all you Lions.

Roy Helu became the first rookie back in Redskin history to post 3 straight 100+ rushing games. He has a bit of a tougher match up against the Giants week 15 but his sheer volume of carries makes him a safe #2/Flex play.

CJ2K had a very forgettable performance against the Saints Sunday as they keyed on the back and ensured he wouldn’t be the one to beat them. That all changes next week against the 30th ranked Colts who couldn’t catch a cold. Johnson belongs among the top 5 starts this week.

Last minute notes (Week 14)

AJ Feeley has been ruled out for MNF and with Sam Bradford ailing it could be a Tom Brandstater or Kellen Clemens getting the nod. Bottom line here is how much can you trust either QB and their impact on Brandon Lloyd and Steven Jackson? Better to look for other more dependable options given the importance of this week.

Nate Washington hasn’t practiced all week and though he is technically a game time decision things don’t look good. Look for CJ2Kto receive a healthy amount of touches against the Saints run defense which is ranked 16th.

Kevin Smith was unable to finish practice after being unable to cut and run his routes. Looks like another week of Maurice Morriswhich in turn means we will see a lot of passing against the horrific Vikings secondary. Megatron, Stafford, and both Tight Endsmake for some of the best plays of the weekend.

Jeremy Maclin is now a game time decision after re-injuring his hammy but did make the trip to Miami. Regardless, Maclin shouldn’t be expected to produce this week against a Miami defense which is surging.

Peter King from SI is already reporting Ben Roethlisberger is almost a given not to play next week. If you are able to win round one or had a bye this week, get ready to scavenge the wire if you don’t have a solid reserve.

PFT reports that Willis McGahee will be available on Sunday against the Bears. While this slightly upgrades Tim Tebow’s value, I am not sold on McGahee being able to produce much against the Bears 8th ranked defense. The threat of Mcgahee allows Tebow to take advantage of broken plays and the misdirection of the Bears defense since they won’t be able to key solely on Tebow. Still, I expect the offense as a whole to have issues. If Tebow is going to have a chance he will need to do it through the air so expect him to come out passing in an effort to put the Bears on their heels.

Scott Chandler has been ruled out for Sunday’s game against the Chargers so David Nelson gets the biggest boost because of his red zone targets. Nelson should be considered a solid WR #3/Flex option.

Adrian Peterson is a game time decision and by his own admission isn’t at full speed. Percy Harvin is a must start once again despite facing a solid Lions secondary. With Suh and Fairley out, Christian Ponder will have a much easier time allowing plays to develop and Harvin to use his speed getting open. Harvin is a solid WR #2 start this week.

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Week 14 Update

It’s Playoff time so decisions are more important than ever! Here are some things to consider when making your lineup decisions.

Darren McFadden will be looking towards returning week 15 which means he is out this week. Mike Bush makes a decent play against the Packers who have struggled in all aspects of defense as of late although the Pack will most likely center on him and force Palmer to beat them vertically.

Emmanuel Sanders will miss week 14 and will hope to return week 15. He is slowly being phased out and the injury means more targets for Antonio Brown and Mike Wallace. Both receivers will have their work cut out for them against the top rated Browns secondary so we could see another 2 score day for Rashard Mendenhall. All your Steelers receivers and Ben Roethlisberger make for average plays this week. Don’t get high expectations just because it’s the Browns.

Willis McGahee did not practice Wednesday and is looking very iffy this week after exiting the game Sunday hobbling off the field towards the end of the 4th quarter. Lance Ball will most likely get the nod and he is very capable of producing though neither back makes a great play. The problem is the Bears will be stacking the box and will be disciplined in maintaining their lanes. With DJ Moore returning, the Bears will be able to risk more man coverage. You’ve got to start Tim Tebow, but this is one of the better defenses he has will have faced all season. Forget about Demaryius Thomas repeating his big performance last week and Eric Decker is a boom or bust probability which depends solely on Tebow’s ability to break down the defense. Not happening here.

If you’ve been living in a cave, Matt Forte is out at minimum 2 weeks which leaves Marion Barber toting the rock for the Bears. Denver is 20th against the run and even allowed Gerhart to look productive last week. While Barber looks like a good play, I thinkJohnny Knox makes for the best offensive play on the team. Haine trusts him and Knox has led the team in targets and receiving the last two weeks. Barber makes a decent Flex play, but I am weary on his ability to carry the load.

Andre Johnson will miss this week although Kubiac seems to think he is only Day to Day. Arian Foster makes a solid play only because he is likely to touch the ball 25-30 times this week. The Bengals are 6th against the run, only allowing 96 YPG. In 12 games they have only allowed two 100+ rushers and they will be able to stack the box and force Yates to beat them.

With so many tough match ups this week, here are the four top players at Quarterback, Running Back, and Wide Receiver I am projecting in fantasy this week.



RAY RICE (BAL): After a 204 yards performance against the Browns 31st ranked rush defense, Rice now sets up for a match against the Colts 30th ranked run stoppers. Rice is sitting at 926 yards with 9 rushing touchdowns on the season and has been the pulse of the Raven offense all year. As bad as the Colts are, they are even worse on the road. The Colts have allowed no less than 24 points to opponents on their home turfs and have allowed 17 rushing scores on the year. Though last week was their best effort yet, the Ravens have won 3 straight and are just hitting their stride.

RYAN MATHEWS (SD): Mathews seems to finally be back at full health and his speed was on display Monday night against the Jags. Mathews rushed for 112 yards and a score, averaging 8.6 yards per carry. This week he faces the struggling Bills defense which is 24th vs. the run and allowed 153 yards with 2 scored to Chris Johnson last week. After a big win on the road, the Chargers confidence will be high. The Bills are on the opposite end of the spectrum, losers of 5 straight games with only one win on the road all season.

LEGARRETTE BLOUNT (TB): With the injuries and match ups this week, Blount makes for a solid play even though he stunk it up against Carolina last week. As described above, Mathews pounded the Jags for 112 yards and Blount should be the primary focus of the offense this week. With Josh Freeman nursing a sore shoulder, Blount should be asked to carry the load and set the tone. Blount is the only goal line option at running back and should see a few opportunities to convert. The Jags are allowing 104 rushing yards per game, good for 14th in the league.

DEMARCO MURRAY (DAL): Though the Giants have been playing well defensively as of late, they still struggle against the run (24th). Murray is a beast at home, nearly doubling his numbers in every category as opposed to when on the road. Though he was taken out of the game last week, the Cowboys will need to pound the ball and things should get much easier with Miles Austin back in the lineup. Forced to spread out wide, the Giants won’t be able to bring help up front to stop Murray which means plenty of running lanes for the speedster. 


CALVIN JOHNSON (DET): The Vikings made Tim Tebow look like an efficient pocket passer last week and now face one of the best QB/WR tandems in the league. Minnesota has been torched all season by opposing receivers, allowing 24 touchdowns through the air. Megatron has been a bit more low key the last four weeks but a face off against the Vikings is just what the doctor ordered. The Vikes don’t have a corner on their roster capable of containing Megatron so a return to his 2 touchdown days is likely.

GREG JENNINGS (GB): The Raiders are in a heavy funk and now must travel to Lambeau against the toughest offense in the league. This is a team which allowed Johnny Knox 145 yards two weeks ago with Caleb Haine at the helm. As precise as Rodgers has been all season, there should be no problems hooking up with Jennings against a banged up Raider secondary which ranks 17th in the league.

JORDY NELSON (GB): The match up is too good to pass up for all the reasons above and Nelson is actually tied in touchdowns with Jennings (9). There should be more than enough to go around this week and both receivers make for top tier plays this week.

VINCENT JACKSON (SD): Phillip Rivers finally had the breakout game we were waiting for and nothing is as dangerous as a quarterback with confidence against the 19th ranked pass defense. The Bills are struggling in all facets of the game right now and even when the Chargers have struggled, Jackson has been able to produce given his high volume of targets. There are too many offensive weapons for the Bills to handle on this team now that Floyd is back and the Bills will be picking their poison. Jackson will be able to torch a Bills secondary left to rely on zone coverage and hoping to only contain a potent offense.


AARON RODGERS (GB): Rodgers has decimated better defenses and things just seem to go the Packers way no matter what the situation. The Packers have only won two games by less than a touchdown while the Raiders have only won one game by more than a touchdown. The Raiders are 17th against the pass and have allowed 21 passing scores. Rodgers has not thrown for less than 249 yards and 2 touchdowns all season so there is little to doubt with this play.

DREW BREES (NO): Brees is on track to break Marino’s single season passing record as well as a host of others by season’s end. This week he draws the Titans 18th ranked pass defense which is allowing 233 yards per game. While that is actually somewhat respectable, the Titans have not faced as talented a pass offense all season. The closest they came was against the Steelers in week 5 in a game where Ben Roethlisberger tossed 5 touchdowns. 

TOM BRADY (NE): The Redskins have actually been solid against the pass, ranking 9th in the league this year. Still, how can Brady not be on this list? Brady has thrown 10 touchdowns with no picks his last four games while throwing for no less than 234 yards in a contest. The Packers have not scored less than 31 points on the road except for once against the Steelers. 

PHILLIP RIVERS (SD): Rivers threw for 294 yards with 3 touchdowns Monday night and will look to carry the performance over against the Bills. Rivers has struggled most of the season, but since the return of Gates he has slowly progressed and reminding us of his past seasons where he was a top 5 quarterback. For the first time he will have all his weapons healthy and at his disposal. Add in Vincent Brown as a 4th option and you have a recipe for destruction. Things will be made even easier on Rivers as Mathews seems to be saving his best ball down the stretch. 

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